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Leli's Deli was a vision of mine once I realised how much pleasure I got from cooking and how much I liked seeing other people enjoy my cooking.  Cooking isn't just about feeding people (although the kids would probably disagree), its about relaxing, creating, having fun and doing something which is the complete opposite to your day job.

I have an extremely sweet tooth so puddings are my preferred creation and over time all the 'Ooos', 'Ahhs' and 'Mmms' have spurred me on from my traditional sponge cakes to ones with butter icing and now I possibly own every conceivable icing shaper you can buy …. My take on icing cake - It's like grown up playdough!

Meanwhile, the other side of the kitchen my Husband would be preparing the savoury platters for our family of 5.  You see, in our family of 5 we have a few likes/dislikes and intolerances.

Here are our family members:

1 teenager with gluten and dairy intolerance

1 adult with gluten intolerance and is a vegetarian

1 teenager who will eat anything except beans and mayonnaise

1 teenager who would opt for a tin of ravioli but if not given the option, would eat most things put on a plate … (except carrots!)….  

And last but by no means least - 1 adult who will eat absolutely anything!

So, whereas my puddings went down a treat with everyone (nobody could tell that my creations were gluten and dairy free), my poor husband would tear his hair out from dusk until dawn thinking of meals to suit everybody …..

We decided that we couldn't possibly be the only family in this situation and so the website idea was created …. Why don't we share our ideas with you?

Our website attempts to cover the 'one meal for all (with a bit of creativity!!)', 'lets use what's left (end of the payday month!)', 'something quick after a late night at work' … and I'll also be tempting you with some ideas on the pudding front - I may even be tempted to take orders for my scrummy gluten and dairy free cakes … the magic of Lelis Deli's cakes has to be tasted to be believed.